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New Horizons

The Antidote

The Basket of Contentment



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Travel, like life, delivers both the good and the bad. When travel means cancelled flights, lost luggage, or third-degree sunburn, we offer the New Horizons basket of luxuriously scented candles and a eucalyptus essential oil with CBD roll-on. Experience your New Horizon with pleasure and get comfortable wherever you are
One time price$89.99 $59.99
Tranquility is critical to maintaining your immune system. This basket with peppermint Bright Energy hemp extract with CBD, eucalyptus essential oil with CBD roll-on, and soothing herbal tea is truly The Antidote to cold and flu season, and just about anything that ails you. Keep these healing plant essentials in
One time price$159.99 $119.99
Winter has its rewards: hot cocoa, wool socks, a fire in the fireplace, starry nights. Add to that list the set of luxuriously scented candles and a lavender essential oil with CBD roll-on we put in our Basket of Contentment. Get cozy and warm during those long winter nights!
One time price$89.99 $59.99
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